Makeup For Hangovers

I got a pleasant reminder of how it feels to be hungover after the wedding party of my former study partner, watch my vlog and tutorial here .
It wasn’t the kind of hangovers where you solemnly swear that you’ll NEVER drink again, but I could definitely feel my head the next morning.

So what are hangovers exactly? And how can you make(up) a quick fix for your hungover face? Find the answers in this tutorial.

When I’m hungover I like to:
A) sleep B) eat anything salt (chips, popcorn, burgers) C) watch my favourite YouTubers and their latest tutorials. However, this is only possible if our kids are sleeping over at their grandparents. Otherwise, there is no such thing as being hungover :-S

What do you do, when you are hungover? Leave me a comment!

XO Caecilie 

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