Lip balms

My lips tells me that the weather is changing, before I even notice that the summer has ended.
They get dry, start to chap up and in severe cases they crack and I get red and sore in corners of my mouth.

Here’s some of the products I reach for when I need some S-O-S Lip Rescue.

REPAIR from Locobase
This has been my go-to lip rescue for the last 14 (!) years. I was presented to this by my general practitioner (=family doctor) after I got diagnosed with psoriasis. She recommended it for my dry patches , and soon I started using it for my dry lips as well.
It contains skin identical lipids, that helps the skins own repairing process. It’s a very thick white balm-like cream and goes clear when applied.
I like to apply it before bed time, waking up with plumped and ‘better-than-yesterday’-lips. I’ve got my sister in law addicted to this too.

Tromborg Lip Cure
Tromborg Lip Cure* 
A true multitasking lip product. Firstly, I use it the same way as the REPAIR cream, before bed time as a lip treatment and whenever needed during the day. It feels slightly lighter in texture and gives a lot of moisture!
Secondly, I apply it 10 minutes before I apply any lip product (lip liner/lipstick/lipgloss). This way the Lip Cure sinks in to the lips and works as a base, prolonging the wear of e.g. the lipstick. See this trick in my video #MakeupForAGoodCause Winnie’s Makeover . Especially brilliant as a base for matte lip products, which tend to be drying on the lips.

Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This must be a holy grail lip product for every makeup artist out there. I know it’s a pretty bold statement, but when I was introduced to this, during my modelling years, every makeup artist had this in their kit. They used it for lips, eyelids and cheek bones.
The smell has however always reminded me of the smell in a horse stable, ha! But it’s a old lip remedy of mine. I prefer using this as a treatment if my lips get cracky. The texture is more oily and glossy and it’s the most makeuppy product of the three.

Can you recommend any lip rescuing products that I need to know about?
Leave me a comment below.

Have a nice Sunday!
XO Cæcilie

I have contacted Tromborg and on my request they have given me the Lip Cure. I am not obligated nor paid to mention it on my blog or any other of my social media platforms. I’m just a fan!

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