Moisturizers for dry sensitive skin

The last step of my skincare routine is probably where I have the biggest flow of products, picking between 3-4 different products depending on my how my skin is during the seasons (dry during winter – more oily during the summer).

Step 1 First cleanse: Makeup removal
Step 2 Second cleanse: Non-soap cleanser
Step 3 Exfoliation: Mild acid toner
Step 4 Moisture: Serum
Step 5 More moisture: Eye cream and moisturizer

Eye creams

My Holy Grail of eye creams
A holy grail product, according to my definition, is a product that does exactly what I seek, excels to such an extend that I don’t need to look for a new product of it’s kind.
And Decubal Eye Cream is just that; my holy grail eye cream! A gel-like texture, that gives a rich moisture (so a little goes a long way), without leaving a tacky feeling around my eyes. Plus it is very affordable 14€/10£. What’s not to love?
I’m a creatures of habit and I’ve gone through two of these and working my way thourgh the third.

To be honest, I have absolutely no need to look for another eye cream! But who am I kidding? I love to try new products, especially when they’re recommend by friends or subscribers, so this probably won’t be the last eye cream touching my delicate skin.

A good understudy
I’ve been a fan of the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra face cream for years now, so I was a little intrigued when a subscriber of mine recommend the Toleriane Ultra Eye Contourto me.
It’s texture is a thin gel. It feels nicely hydrating and absorbs rapidly into my skin. Although, the hydrating feeling doesn’t last as long as the Decubal. It has been a very decent understudy 😉

Moisturizers for dry sensitive skin

Moisturizers for dry sensitive skin


Moving on to a quick go-though of the moisturizer that are in rotation in my current skincare routine.

A-Derma Exomega D.E.F.I cream

UPDATE: I can no longer recommend A-Derma Exomega D.E.F.I cream as it contains two ingredients that are potential endocrine disruptors: BHT (Butylated HydroxyToluene) and cyclomethicone, the latter can contain cyclopentasiloxane which is suspected to be an endocrine disrupting chemical. Read my blog posts series What Are Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals? for further info.


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra
A stable in my skincare cabinet for years now. A good all-year-round face cream, with a not-too-thin-not-too-rich texture, that I’d reckon would be suitable for all skintypes. It goes like hand in glove underneath my foundation. And I really appreciate the hermetic packaging preventing germs from our delicious fingers to contaminate the product. Not being germophobic at all 😉

Clinique Redness Solution Daily Relief Cream*

Hello there, plumped radiant skin in a jar! A divine formula, if you don’t mind the light green hue. (I’ve never understood the added green color to skincare products? In such small amounts I can’t imagine, that it has any real redness counteracting effect, besides the placebo effect). It feels extraordinarily hydrating, still leaving a nice radiance to my skin. I sleep in this, thus, a part of my my evening skincare routine. It hasn’t changes the appearance of my redness, but I wouldn’t expect it to either (I’m writing a blog post about skincare product aimed for rosacea in the near future, so stay tuned). Above all it’s a really good match for my dry skin.
I have contacted La Roche-Posay and Clinique, and on my request, they have send me the Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour and the Clinique Redness Solution Daily Relief Cream, respectively. I am not obligated nor paid to mention it on my blog or any other of my social media platforms. It is my choice to show them, as they are a part of my daily skincare routine.


  1. Thura
    16. December 2015 / 19:07

    What about your favorite sunblock? Thanks !

    • 17. December 2015 / 10:13

      It’s the Avene Anti-Redness SPF 20, goes nicely under foundation as well. There’ll be a post about this when the sun comes back 😉

  2. Thura
    17. December 2015 / 18:26

    Thank you ??

  3. 2. September 2017 / 10:49

    Nice tips! Eye creams, moisturizer and all these products are good skin improver. My sister has used Decubal cream which strongly increase the level of hydration and nourishment of under eyes area.

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