The Beauty Blender – a savior for sensitive skin?

The Beauty Blender - a savior for my sensitive skin?

The Beauty Blender – a savior for my sensitive skin?

As you may have noticed in my videos (here and here), I’m a big fan of applying foundation with my fingers. Let me list three reasons why:

1) Time Saving –  I can apply my foundation a lot faster using fingers. No fuss, just dap dap dap, still ending up with a beautiful finish.
2) Soft & Gentle – on my sensitive rosacea skin, prone to redness, brushes trigger and temporarily worsen my redness, leaving my cheeks feeling warm and irritated (a blog post on the persistent redness in rosacea will be up soon). When using my fingers I have a better control of the application, resulting in a more gentle process for my skin – I still get red, but to a lesser extend.
3) $$$ – you waste a lot of good and expensive product using brushes and sponges, which in both cases soak up the foundation, leaving only a fraction of the product on your skin.


A less chewed up version with my backup sponge from Real Techniques

A less chewed up version with my backup sponge from Real Techniques

The Beauty Blender

I know, I’m really (!) late to this party. A lovely subscriber of mine, who also suffers from rosacea, suggested trying out the Beauty Blender for a gentle foundation application, which lead me to my first ever subscriber-induced purchase.
Although the Beauty Blender has been around as a Holy Grail beauty item among beauty bloggers for ages, I’ve always been skeptical towards sponges, as they are the biggest reason to product waste (soaking up your foundation and concealer) and can be somewhat unhygienic if you don’t wash them after each use.


To see if the Beauty Blender could compete with my favourite tool, i.e. my hands/fingers, I’ve been testing it for the last 6 months.
I distribute  the product with my fingers (cheeks, nose, chin, neck) then using the damp Beauty Blender to bounce the product into my skin.
Applying foundation is serious business as you can tell

Applying foundation is serious business, as you can tell. Using the IDUN Minerals Norrsken Mineral Illuminating Foundation

Firstly: the application is very gentle on my skin and the best part is that it doesn’t render my skin red nor warm. In fact it’s even more gentle than my slap-dash finger technique, because I’m avoiding the slightly pulling motion on my skin when using my fingers.
Secondly: The finish is flaw-less! Really – no sponsored blog post here (or anywhere else on my blog for that matter), I’m just genuinely impressed! It gives a seamless finish compared to the using brushes or hands/fingers.
However, I’m still left with the majority of the product left inside the Beauty Blender and a time consuming application, not to mention the cleaning process afterwards.

The verdict

I must admit I’m a convert (gosh!) I honestly didn’t expect the Beauty Blender to impress me nor to change my application routine – but it has!
It has fast become the essential part of my  ‘I-need-perfected-skin-for-a-special-occasion’-routine. The Beauty Blender just might be the best option for people with sensitive and reactive skin prone to redness (read my blog post “What is sensitive skin?here) – dare I say a savior for sensitive skin when it comes to foundation application? 
However, on its own it’s quite time consuming for everyday use, if you – like me – only have got 5 minutes to get your whole face done prior to the whole morning ‘get-the-kids-to-kindergarten-then-off-to-work’-run.
BUT necessity is the mother of invention – the combination of my finger-application (distributing the product all over) and then bouncing off all the visible edges with the Beauty Blender has become my solution to the time consuming problem. Yay, for the Beauty Blender – up there as a ‘point of no return’-tool for me!

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