When your SPF and foundation are chemically incompatible – I’ve found a perfect match

The perfect match of high SPF and sheer beautiful coverage without leaving product fuzz on the skin

Here’s a short write on my newfound perfect match of SPF 50 and foundation without the products breaking down and leaving fuzz on my skin.

To make a SPF go hand in hand (chemically speaking) with your foundation can be a difficult task. Mixing a water based formula with an oil based one can break down the products on your skin, leaving behind the unmistakable fuzz (in lack of a better word).

My rosacea flushing is extensively triggered by the sun (the UV radiation) and proper sun protection is a cornerstone in the management of rosacea. And as it is summer in Denmark now I’ve started using the Derma Sun Lotion SPF 50 for days when I’m out the majority of the day.

However, the SPF 50 isn’t chemically compatible with my regular bases (eg. the Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream from bareMinerals). It breaks up the tinted moisturizer or foundation leaving a mess on my skin. See the pictures below. In the defence of this particular SFP50; it’s not tailored for the skin on the face as my regular Derma FACE SPF15 and SPF30 are.

The tinted moisturizer (Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream from bareMinerals) breaking down on my skin due to the chemical incompatibility with the underlying SPF


Rummaging my drawers for a base compatible with my SPF, I found the Bareskin® Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20 from bareMinerals to be a perfect match. The pigments are suspended in an oil base, which goes hand in hand with the underlying SPF. It offers me that “just enough”-coverage that you’re looking for in a summer foundation: it covers my rosacea redness on my cheek and evens out my skin tone, however, still letting my freckles shine through – love it! So this will be my go-to combo of the summer: high SPF + beautiful natural looking coverage MINUS fuzz. 

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Happy Friday XO Cæcilie


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